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Smart Automatic Pet Feeder, Wifi-Enabled Pet Feeder for Cat and Dog, Compatible with Alexa & Echo, Features 15-Cup Capacity and Timed Dispensing, Remote Feeding up to 10 Meals Daily via App Control

Smart Automatic Pet Feeder, Wifi-Enabled Pet Feeder for Cat and Dog, Compatible with Alexa & Echo, Features 15-Cup Capacity and Timed Dispensing, Remote Feeding up to 10 Meals Daily via App Control

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Remote APP Control: Connect this automatic feeder to your 2.4GHz WiFi network and manage your pet's feeding anytime, anywhere via a mobile app. This functionality eliminates concerns about your pet missing meals when home alone. Set a daily feeding routine directly through the app to avoid the hassle of early morning feedings. The app not only tracks feeding times but also allows family members to manage the feeding schedule together. Customized Healthy Diet: Establish a regular and healthy feeding schedule for your pet starting today. Schedule feeding times that suit your pet's dietary needs, even when you're away on vacation. This smart feeder ensures your pet maintains a consistent feeding schedule every day, with up to four meals allowed per day, ranging from one to six portions each. Voice-Controlled Feeding with Alexa: Integrate your smart feeder with Alexa-enabled Echo devices for hands-free feeding commands throughout your home. Customize voice commands to control the serving size and timing. Slow Feeding & Portion Control: For pets prone to bloating, manually adjust feeding to a slower rate through the app's "Feed" button, promoting a healthier eating pace. Portion control settings prevent overeating, encouraging proper weight management by allowing up to ten meals daily, with one to twelve portions per meal. Always Fresh Meals: This feeder is designed with airtight storage to keep pet food fresh. Equipped with desiccant bags and safety-lock lids, it prevents pets from accessing stored food while the transparent design allows for easy monitoring of food levels. Dual Power Supply: With a dual power system, this feeder can be powered by a DC 5V adapter for continuous operation or 4 AA batteries for backup. Even during a power outage, the backup batteries ensure your pet is fed, with the device remembering previous settings once power is restored. Easy Cleaning & BPA-Free: The feeder includes a removable stainless steel bowl that is food-grade, safe, and easy to clean, safeguarding your pet from potential allergic reactions to plastic. This feature underscores the manufacturer's commitment to both reducing the feeding workload for pet owners and ensuring pets' hygiene during mealtime.

Effortless Remote Feeding: Control your pet's feeding from anywhere with a 2.4GHz WiFi connection using a user-friendly mobile app. Set schedules and feed your pet remotely, ensuring they never miss a meal, even when you're away.

Customizable Meal Plans: Tailor your pet's diet with up to 10 meals a day, adjustable from one to six portions per meal, to maintain a healthy, regular eating routine. Perfect for pets with specific dietary needs.

Voice Command Feeding: Compatible with Alexa-enabled devices, allowing you to feed your pet with simple voice commands. Customize your interactions for a personalized feeding experience.

Slow Feeding for Health: Manage your pet’s eating pace to prevent bloating. The app's manual feed option encourages slower eating habits, with portion control to avoid overeating and promote weight management.

Freshness and Security: Airtight storage with desiccant bags and safety-lock lids keeps food fresh and secure. The transparent design allows easy monitoring of food levels, ensuring your pet always has access to fresh food.

Dual Power Supply: Equipped with a dual power system, including a DC 5V adapter and backup battery operation (4 AA batteries), ensuring reliable feeding even during power outages.

BPA-Free & Easy to Clean: Comes with a detachable, food-grade stainless steel bowl for safe, easy cleaning, supporting your pet’s health and hygiene.

Automatic Dog food bowl: Your pets won't overeat.

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